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    What is Tree Survey & Consultancy?

    Our survey work can be to inspect individual trees or o survey large tree stocks. We use state of the art equipment for our tree survey contracts using specially designed software, data capture units and GPS/GIS technology.

    This allows us to efficiently survey any number of trees, provide accurate positioning and digital mapping.

    Planning Surveys

    These are usually carried out prior to development of a site and comply with B.S.5837:2005. Difficulties which may be considered unacceptable to the local planning authority can be identified at this early stage and potential solutions proposed. This can accelerate the process of acquiring consent.

    A local authority may request:
    •   Tree Survey to BS: 5837:2005

    A local authority may request:
    •   Arboricultural Impact Assessment

    Tree Condition and Health

    Both nature and human activity can cause many stresses for trees that can that can create problems with their condition and health.

    Trees that are stressed are more susceptible to disease. A number of the main causes of stress are drought, water logging, soil compaction, poor pruning, attack from insects, physical damage to roots and the aerial parts of the tree.

    Our expertise is in diagnosing symptoms of pest, disease and ill health then providing a practical and cost effective strategy to manage the problem.