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    1. What exactly is arboriculture?


      Arboriculture is the care and management of individual trees or groups of trees primarily for their amenity value and safety. Modern arboriculture is both an art and a science enabling both man and trees to co-exist in a sustainable environment.

    2. So you are arborists?


      Yes, that’s right. As arborists (or sometimes called tree surgeons), we are hands on practical people combining both physical and academic skills to utilise modern technology and scientifically based methods to care for trees. The Tree Company is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

    3. What will the job cost?


      Obviously every job is different and we undertake a wide range of work from single trees for private individuals to corporate contracts, planting and maintenance. This makes it impossible for us to have a set scale of charges. However, anyone can ask for a visit from one of the team to talk over the possible options and provide a quotation for the work that is required. This is a free service and puts you under no obligation to go any further if you don’t want to.

    4. Are you qualified to do my job safely?


      Yes, all our staff are fully trained and qualified. We do not employ sub-contractors. The Tree Company conforms to the latest industry best practice and relevant legislation. All our equipment and items of machinery are regularly inspected. The Tree Company has a policy of ongoing training and professional development.

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