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    What is Tree Work?

    Modern tree care is about understanding the needs of trees, how they work and the environment they grow in. We aim to continue this understanding through on going training and professional development. This enables us to undertake any tree work operations.

    Working with trees can be dangerous and we are committed to carrying out our working procedures to the highest safety standards, to achieve this we employ Risk assessment and method statements in all our work procedures.

    All work carried out by the Tree Company is undertaken to approved industry standards and safety criteria and is fully covered by our own insurance.

    Our Services

    • Pruning and remedial work to keep trees in a safe and healthy condition
    • Formative pruning of young trees, this can be very beneficial as many potential problems can be avoided if they are dealt with early on
    • Tree removal – felling and dismantling
    • Root care including fertilising and mulching
    • Storm damaged trees and those in a dangerous condition
    • Trimming, maintaining and forming of hedges
    • Bracing – the use of modern techniques and materials to assist stems and branches which require additional support.
    1. Crown Maintenance


      This is done to help keep trees in a safe and healthy condition by working on the uppermost section of the tree, the crown. This can involve crown thinning, crown cleaning, crown lifting and crown reduction. All these procedures are only carried out after a full assessment of the condition of the tree as a whole.

      Properly carried out crown maintenance can have many benefits such as:

      • Removing dead, weak and dying branches from the tree to eliminate hazards
      • Improving the tree’s appearance within the site and in the landscape
      • Lessening wind resistance
      • Allowing more light and air in or through the crown
      • Counteracting root damage or structural faults
      • Reducing leaf problems and nuisance from fallen leaves
      • Ensuring safety of members of the public and property
      • Reducing the dominance of a tree in its location
      • Providing better access and clearance

      With our experience, training and safety policies we are able to work with trees in particularly confined and awkward spaces or growing next to buildings and making full use of our own specialist rigging gear, lifting equipment and all-terrain vehicles. We take every care wherever necessary to ensure that neighbouring land owners are fully aware of the situation, our proposed solution and the safe, professional way in which we will carry out the work.

    2. Tree Removal


      Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove a tree, for example when it is dead or dying or has become unsafe, when it needs replacing with a better species, is causing an obstruction to buildings or other trees and pruning will not solve the problem. We do this either by:

      • Clear felling to remove the tree as a whole in one safe operation
      • Dismantling the tree section by section and where the situation requires it using specialist rigging equipment and our own heavy lifting gear
    3. Root Care


      A tree’s root system is equally important as the parts of the tree that are above ground. Because root systems cannot be easily seen, their well being is often overlooked. Damage to roots can occur from; disease, the roots being cut or squashed by machinery, vehicles driving over the root area and compacting the soil, contamination from toxic substance spillage, or a problem as simple as constant pedestrian traffic across the root area again compacting the soil.

      Soil compaction is where the soil particles are squeezed together which restricts the space for air, water and fine root.

      We can assess your tree to see if it is suffering from a root problem and provide advice on how to protect and solve the problem.

    4. Stump Grinding


      When we have finished removing a tree and all that is left is a stump we can either leave the stump as it is or we can grind the stump out to below the ground level. This is often a good option when a tree has been growing in a formal area for example close to the house in a lawn or flower bed or where regrowth is undesirable. The stump grinding process will reduce the stump to small wood chips that can be raked up and removed and the area can then be reinstated accordingly.