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    All the green waste from our working operations is recycled. As a by-product of this process in our day to day work we are able to offer Composted wood chippings for use as mulch or un-composted chippings for use in paths, play areas and woodland walks.

    1. Mulch – What is it for and how do I use it?


      Wood Chip Mulch is produced from the green waste generated in our business, the leaves, twigs and branches that are sometimes called ‘arisings’ are processed on site by our wood chippers into small chips. The product we sell is then stored and managed to encourage the activity of naturally-occurring micro organisms. The natural decomposition process transforms the chipped raw materials into a stable mulch product which is easy and pleasant to handle.

    2. Using Wood Chip Mulch provides many benefits such as:


      Reducing the growth of weeds

      Improving soil condition and structure

      Encouraging good growing conditions and therefore plant growth

      Increasing water infiltration and water holding capacity in the soil

      Increasing soil aeration

      Moderating soil temperature

      Reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching

      Improving beneficial activity of micro organisms in the soil

      Helping to protect against soil-borne diseases

      Helping to protect plants from frost in winter

      Providing a tidy and well tended appearance

    3. Woodchip Mulch - As a soil conditioner and compost


      At certain times of the year our woodchip mulch contains a high leaf content which, when composted, breaks down into a rich humus and is then an ideal soil conditioner. Where the soil is of poor quality, mixing in mulch is one of the best things you can do to improve soil texture and increase nutrient and water holding capacity.

      Alternatively, if you have sticky, wet, silt or clay soils you need to incorporate a soil conditioner like our composted mulch because this has the effect of "holding apart" the particles, allowing the soil to break down, become more workable and drain better.

      Before using our Wood Chip Mulch on flower beds and other growing areas it is advisable to prepare the area first by removing all weeds and large stones. Then apply our mulch to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

      Raking the mulch two or three times a year will maintain the bed’s appearance and improve soil aeration. After about a year you may need a further dressing of mulch where required.

    4. Un-composted woodchip – for paths and surfaces


      The wood chips that result from the recycling of green waste ‘arisings’ are also available without having been through the composting process. These wood chippings are ideal for paths as an alternative to gravel or paving.

      If you are creating a path or play area in your garden then our wood chippings are one of the best materials you can use. They provide great value for money and are simple, light and easy to handle and spread.

      We have provided woodchips for equestrian use, surfacing around play equipment, farming applications and even as a dance floor for a wedding reception.

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